Civil Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

A welcome addition ………..

Into our life has come a new child.

As with all of the ceremonies that I perform, a Naming Ceremony is especially written by using the familys’ own choice of poems, readings and words. This offers you complete flexibility and is structured to meet the needs, wishes and desires of the Parents.

A Naming Ceremony can be arranged to celebrate the birth of your child and to welcome the new addition into your family as well as the wider community. The Naming Ceremony is therefore an ideal alternative to christening as certain rituals are omitted. It is also ideal for celebrating and welcoming an adopted child into your family.

Parents, whether married or not, or from any cultural background, can arrange a Naming Ceremony. There is no age limit for the child and more than one child may be named at the same time.

A Naming Ceremony can be held in almost any venue so long as it is suitable for the occasion and can accommodate the number of people attending. For example in a hall, hotel, restaurant or even your own home!

The Naming Ceremony is therefore a perfect and special way to bond a complete family unit together.