Civil Ceremony

Renewing Wedding Vows

I recommit to you ……………

And today I reaffirm these vows with all of my love.

There are times when a married couple feel that it is appropriate to express and renew their commitment and love for each other in a special way.

Renewing Wedding Vows Ceremonies are designed for any married couple, of any age, of any length of marriage, to celebrate renewing wedding vows in a unique and personal way.

Renewing Wedding Vows ceremonies are in the main associated with the timing of an anniversary such as First (Paper) Tenth (Tin), Twenty-fifth (Silver), Fortieth (Ruby) or Fiftieth (Golden) wedding anniversary or, why not start Renewing Wedding Vows every year?

However, Renewing Wedding Vows are also regularly used when:

i) Couples have recovered, or are recovering, from an illness, misfortune or stress which may have put a strain on them or tested their relationship

ii) Where the original marriage ceremony, for one reason or another, was meaningless to them (they may have been too young, had no say in the ceremony or cannot remember much of it)

iii) The couple may have married abroad, or in to different cultures, and now wish to celebrate their commitment to each other in front of family and friends upon their return by Renewing Wedding Vows.

I style an exclusive ceremony around what you want and as such it is full of warmth and feeling with readings and music chosen by you. If you want to you can exchange new rings and originate your own vows – written by you and for you.

Renewing Wedding Vows ceremonies can take place wherever you want so long as the venue is appropriate in terms of size etc and it could also be conducted outdoors – subject of course to the weather!

IMPORTANT – The Renewal Wedding Vows Ceremonies have no legal status and is not a form of legal marriage.